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Group Calendar 2.4.2 Patch

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Group Calendar 2.4.2 Patch Empty Group Calendar 2.4.2 Patch

Počalji od Nikolasus Pet Jul 11, 2008 4:01 pm

Group Calendar

-Sluzi SAMO ako ste u Guildu.
-Koristi se za organizovanje raidova i 5 man instaci u guildu.
-St oznaci da jedan covek ,uglavnom raid lider kao st osu Tanker ili Glavni hiler,napisu u Group Calendaru da ce se sutra u 17 : 00 ici u Karazhan,treba 10 ljudi,obavezni su NPR. Pera ,Djoka i Mile ,zbog hilovanja ili DPS.
-Svi u guildu mogu da procitaju i da se informisu da li bi mogli da pristupe tako sto ce pitati onoga koji je napisao post u calendaru.
-Dobro je sto moze da se organizuje i mesecima u napred ,tako da ce svi imat ivremena da vide i da budu online kad se raid bude odrzavao.

Download :

Podaci :
-Verzija : 4.1b3
-Velicina : 622 KB
- Vise o addonu na http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/1958/

Changelog :

v4.1 Changes

- FEATURE: Added Maybe status, which is distinct from Standby (see compatibility issue note below) - FEATURE: Event owners can preview their event as well as sign up their own alts and specify their own role - FEATURE: Default limit for off-tank and off-healer roles is zero (may eventually remove these roles completely) - FEATURE: Attendance notices now include the date of the event - FEATURE: '/cal attend on|off' command added to disable attendance notices - FEATURE: Default attendance view for manual and closed events is By Role - BUGFIX: Increased synch period to 3 minutes to improve reliability for roaming users - BUGFIX: Synch status timer no longer restarts when a guild roster update is received - BUGFIX: Fixed bug causing excess network chatter during synch (very common) - BUGFIX: Fixed bug which could cause updated events and attendance to not be sent (rare) - BUGFIX: Fixed bug which could cause roaming users to accept an update to their events which is inferior to one they've already received (rare)

Important information about compatibility with previous versions of GC4

This version is compatible with previous GC4 versions but signing up as Maybe attending will behave oddly when 4.1 is used alongside prior versions. Choosing "Maybe" used to put you on the Standby list, but with 4.1 Standby and Maybe are two different lists (Standby is people who want to attend but for whom there isn't space available, Maybe is people who aren't sure they'll be able to attend).

If the event owner is running 4.1 and the member signing up as Maybe is running an earlier version then the member will see himself with an 'Unknown' status. This is because earlier versions of GC don't know about the new Maybe list. The member will be processed correctly and his status will correctly show as Maybe to the event owner as well as to any other members running 4.1 or newer.

Conversely, if the event creator is running an earlier version and the member signing up is running 4.1 then his Maybe request will get processed as Standby since that's what prior versions do with Maybe attendees. In this case the member running 4.1 will see himself as "Yes" for attending and "Confirmed - On Standby" for his status.

If both the member and the event owner are running 4.1 or newer then it will behave as expected.

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