Reaper MaNGOS 5953 with ScriptDev 414|Server Compatible With 2.4.2 (UDB ONLY!)

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Reaper MaNGOS 5953 with ScriptDev 414|Server Compatible With 2.4.2 (UDB ONLY!)

Počalji od Nikolasus taj Pon Jun 09, 2008 12:21 pm

Web Page:

Updated in this Revision:

* Completely re-done fishing loot template.
* Fishing base skill level table added
* Lots of Black Temple updates
* Loot added for creatures that are mineable and gatherable
* Rewards added for quests with quest flags|512 (Quests like Teron Gorefiend I am!)
* Many quest fixes in general
* 175 fishing holes added (like school of fish) with loot
* Instance loot tables updated:
o Zul’Farrak
o Sunken Temple
o Black Rock Depths
o Dire Maul
o Black Rock Spire
* World drop loot tables for levels 1-34 created (SIGNIFICANT decrease in creature_loot_template size again. All world drop tables are now created. Loot table size before world tables ~950000 rows — after 284594 rows. ~7mB instead of ~22mB)
* Some 2.4.2 related item changes
* L70ETC spawns / event included in the DB (still need the ACID script from the ACID team)
* Fresh Installer Fixed!
* Map/DBC Extractors Fixed!
* ACID Included (Means Extra NPC’s and Such Have Been Scripted)
* MaNGOSD.exe Errors Should Be Fixed!
* Authentication Bug Should Be Fixed!
* Vendors/GM Island Vendors Should Work Again if you Enable them by Going Into the Reaper-X-Mangos.bat File.
* NO MORE EXE’s! I have decided to keep them in Batch format due to complaints about Errors/Trojans.

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